Thursday, September 30, 2010

Euro side to win Ryder Cup

It is no secret that the European Team is the heavy favorite to win the 2010 version of the Ryder Cup. If I had a Euro in my pocket, I would surely make the wager. The question is why are the Euros almost guaranteed a victory​?

The answer comes down to a combination of two elements: team composition and course set-up. The U.S. Team is laden with bombers who occasionally visit areas of the golf course generally not intended for normal play. If this were a heavyweight boxing match, it wouldn't last much longer than a Liston-Clay fight. But it's not. SIDEBAR: Golf has no time limit. If you don't believe me just wait until you see the pace of play. END SIDEBAR. On the other hand the players on the European team tend to keep the ball in play.

Hence Captain Montgomerie's decision on course set up – somewhat generous landing areas right about the distance where his team's drives will finish and thick, salad-bar rough waiting if you miss the fairway. Montgomerie has simply taken away the length factor of the U.S. Team and reduced the entire match to approach shots and putting.

Should be a less than dramatic win for the European side.