Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Without a doubt Golf Magazine has a definitive propensity for instructional books. They consistently publish classy looking and user friendly instruction books that are geared to all levels of players. The latest and perhaps best ever is THE BEST PUTTING INSTRUCTION BOOK EVER!. As in previous volumes much of the material was previously published in Golf Magazine itself, but that does not deter from the quality or timeliness of the information. It is epitome of “everything you wanted to know about putting in one place, but didn’t know who to ask or where to find it.” And the subtitle – The 10 Brightest Minds in Putting Show You the Easy Way to Make the Hole Look Bigger and Sink More Putts – reaffirms that statement.

The ten brightest minds include Stand Utley, Mike Adams, David Edel, Dr. David F. Wright, Mark Sweeney, Marius Filmalter, Scott Munroe, Dr. Craig Farnsworth, Maggie Will and Mike Shannon. Some of these may sound familiar and some obscure, but each has a unique approach to working with the flatstick. Each author pens a separate chapter primarily focusing on his or her area of expertise. The entire arena of putting is covered. Chapters include a full range of instruction from choosing the correct putter to building the perfect stance to reading the green to developing the stroke that fits you best to proper practice techniques. The final two chapters – How to Practice for Improvement (Farnsworth) and How to Fix Your Worst Flaws (Filmalter) – are properly placed in the book although these are the chapters to which most will gravitate first.

An added bonus with this volume are the “Watch & Learn” icons that direct you to a website where you can view a free video from a particular instructor – a can't miss feature.

THE BEST PUTTING INSTRUCTION BOOK EVER! is a visual masterpiece with a countless number of charts, diagrams and full color pictures. This is not a coffee-table book. It is a must-have in every serious golfer’s library and needs to be read and referred to constantly.