Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unique Golf in Southern Utah

We thought we would share this unique golf course with you. It’s just a little nine hole layout in small Utah town of Beaver.

After you finish the sixth hole this is your journey to number seven.

First you encounter this sign

Before you crossover this racetrack.

Before you begin this 500-yard par-5, of which the first 350 yards play through the infield of the racetrack.

Friday, March 23, 2007

LPGA Slowly Eliminating Media

Did you realize that the LPGA continues its season this week? Unless you are a fanatical golf fan or happen to live near the venue at which the LPGA is competing, you are probably unaware that the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association actually exists and is conducting a tournament this week in the greater Phoenix area. Yes, that’s right the best female golfers on the planet compete this week in the Safeway International at Superstition Mountain GC on the outskirts of Phoenix. (Sidebar: Superstition Mountain is an excellent venue for an LPGA event – except for parking.)

So why don’t you know that the LPGA is playing this week? Well, the answer is simple: the LPGA is slowly trying to divorce itself from the media. From the first LPGA event in 2006, the beginning of the Bivens era, to the present the LPGA has gradually eroded its publicity in the U.S. media. Those to whom they issue media credentials are becoming fewer and fewer. Currently, the LPGA does not credential blogs in general OR any news media that is not a recognized media outlet with the intent to actually cover the tournament. If you apply for media credentials, you must meet these two criteria. It doesn’t matter what the individual credentials of a journalist might be; it doesn’t matter what the individual intent of the media outlet or blog might be; the LPGA has universally determined that blogs and ill-intentioned media outlets are persona non grata.

Exactly who they do credential is, of course, another matter.

And is publicity tough for the LPGA this week? You betcha! This week the LPGA is competing for the media’s affection with the PGA Tour’s CA Championship at Doral. Add to this the fact that Tiger is playing again this week and coming off the worst nine holes he has ever played as a professional golfer. So how does the LPGA choose to compete? By eliminating as many media personnel as possible.

Good thinking!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Grooves Not Groovy with the GGP

Have you noticed, since the USGA’s announcement that they are going to clamp down on grooves, the General Golfing Public (GGP) has been raising an uproar? Storming the proverbial golf castle if you will? Of course, you haven’t. The dominant conversation at the 19th Hole did not immediately change when the USGA said, “Damn, we’ve got to stop the pros from spinning the ball out of medium length rough.”

Tom and Bob at the local nine-holer in Garner, Iowa did not exclaim, “----, now I’ve got to get another new set of irons to replace my Andy North Northwesterns!”

Fact is the GGP doesn’t give a Ping Eye 2. And I have proof. As a golf professional working at a typical semi-private club, I have yet to have one golfer approach me and ask the dreaded question, “Hey, Pro, so how’s this new grooves thing going to affect my bottom line on clubs?” No one, absolutely no one has queried me about how this whole situation will play out. Even during a recent Demo Day no one was grabbing Adams’ new irons and demanding to measure the size and shape and angle of the grooves.

Want further validation, check out what Frank Thomas, former USGA Technical Director, has to say on the matter: http://franklygolf.com/DailyQA/dailyanswers3.asp

If the USGA is really the guardians of the game as they claim, they should concentrate on an issue that affects the people who really play the game and spend money on the game. Let those who suck the life out of the game fend for themselves.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Brand New Day at Eye On Golf

This is Turquoise Valley Golf Course in Naco, AZ.

Eye On Golf has decided to take this blog in a different direction – at least most of the time. Rather than consistently comment on the state of the game, it seems you, the golfing public and our avid and faithful readers, will be better served with some golf eye candy. Well, sort of. Sorry there will not be abundant pictures of Natalie or Paula, but rather photos of golf courses that we have visited in our travels, travels that led to our recent book Off the Beaten Cart Path.

This shift in focus was infinitesimally inspired by Golfweek’s 2007 list of Best Courses which was recently released. This publication finds the best (often translated “most expensive”) and occasionally discovers a gem. What we’ll do is provide you (and them) with what’s missing. We’ll fill in the gaps by focusing on the fun and the spirit of the game, not the business and the profit. The courses we discover and you will experience reflect that philosophy.

However, thanks to the self-appointed idiots that are ruining, er… running, the game, it will still be necessary to provide occasional insight on our beloved game. There is no doubt that these people need a dose of common sense and we will do our small part to provide them with a little.

What you see above is a little sampling.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eye On Golf tastes a little humble pie

Of all the major food groups the one that appeals most to the staff at Eye On Golf is pie. Apple and blueberry are our favorite varieties especially a la mode. Humble pie even when served a la mode happens to be the most distasteful, but occasionally it must be endured.

One thing the progenitors of the Eye On Golf staff taught us was that when you make a mistake admit it, apologize, learn from it and move on to be a wiser person. So, heeding that advice, we do need to apologize to LPGA Media Coordinator, Pam Warner, for a question we credited to her in our previous entry. Fact is Ms. Warner did not ask Paula Creamer or Julieta Granada the following question: This is Michelle Wie's home course; do you wish at all that you had a chance to play against her here again? For this misplacement of blame, we apologize.

We can honestly say, however, that through reading several accounts of the incident on the internet that it was not solely our idea that Ms. Warner had posed the question. Nevertheless she did not. Sorry, Pam. If you would like a copy of our latest book, just contact us.

What all this means, however, is that the idiot torch has been passed to one or more reporters on Paradise Island. Professional golfers do not think like that. If they do, they won’t last long. No professional golfer enters a tournament with their primary thought being, “Gee, I hope I can beat so-and-so. It’s her home course.” That would be a short-lived career.