Friday, March 23, 2007

LPGA Slowly Eliminating Media

Did you realize that the LPGA continues its season this week? Unless you are a fanatical golf fan or happen to live near the venue at which the LPGA is competing, you are probably unaware that the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association actually exists and is conducting a tournament this week in the greater Phoenix area. Yes, that’s right the best female golfers on the planet compete this week in the Safeway International at Superstition Mountain GC on the outskirts of Phoenix. (Sidebar: Superstition Mountain is an excellent venue for an LPGA event – except for parking.)

So why don’t you know that the LPGA is playing this week? Well, the answer is simple: the LPGA is slowly trying to divorce itself from the media. From the first LPGA event in 2006, the beginning of the Bivens era, to the present the LPGA has gradually eroded its publicity in the U.S. media. Those to whom they issue media credentials are becoming fewer and fewer. Currently, the LPGA does not credential blogs in general OR any news media that is not a recognized media outlet with the intent to actually cover the tournament. If you apply for media credentials, you must meet these two criteria. It doesn’t matter what the individual credentials of a journalist might be; it doesn’t matter what the individual intent of the media outlet or blog might be; the LPGA has universally determined that blogs and ill-intentioned media outlets are persona non grata.

Exactly who they do credential is, of course, another matter.

And is publicity tough for the LPGA this week? You betcha! This week the LPGA is competing for the media’s affection with the PGA Tour’s CA Championship at Doral. Add to this the fact that Tiger is playing again this week and coming off the worst nine holes he has ever played as a professional golfer. So how does the LPGA choose to compete? By eliminating as many media personnel as possible.

Good thinking!

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