Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eye On Golf tastes a little humble pie

Of all the major food groups the one that appeals most to the staff at Eye On Golf is pie. Apple and blueberry are our favorite varieties especially a la mode. Humble pie even when served a la mode happens to be the most distasteful, but occasionally it must be endured.

One thing the progenitors of the Eye On Golf staff taught us was that when you make a mistake admit it, apologize, learn from it and move on to be a wiser person. So, heeding that advice, we do need to apologize to LPGA Media Coordinator, Pam Warner, for a question we credited to her in our previous entry. Fact is Ms. Warner did not ask Paula Creamer or Julieta Granada the following question: This is Michelle Wie's home course; do you wish at all that you had a chance to play against her here again? For this misplacement of blame, we apologize.

We can honestly say, however, that through reading several accounts of the incident on the internet that it was not solely our idea that Ms. Warner had posed the question. Nevertheless she did not. Sorry, Pam. If you would like a copy of our latest book, just contact us.

What all this means, however, is that the idiot torch has been passed to one or more reporters on Paradise Island. Professional golfers do not think like that. If they do, they won’t last long. No professional golfer enters a tournament with their primary thought being, “Gee, I hope I can beat so-and-so. It’s her home course.” That would be a short-lived career.

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