Saturday, February 24, 2007

Action Conversation: LPGA Media Coordinator generating publicity

Congratulations go to Paula Creamer for her patience when asked the following question by Pam Warner, LPGA Media Coordinator, in a pre-tournament press conference.

Q. Do you think at all, this is Michelle Wie's home course, do you think at all about the fact that she's not here, do you wish maybe you could take her on on her home course?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, I come out every week playing the golf course, so to me it doesn't really matter who is in the field. Obviously you want a strong field and you want the best players there. Ultimately I just come out trying to play my game and play the course and beat that number.

Ms. Warner, do you think Ms. Creamer wants to talk about MW? FYI, Ms. Warner, MW was present, not even for your press conference. Perhaps Ms. Warner has not been following the LPGA Tour as closely as she should.

SIDEBAR: And Ms. Warner, in order for MW to be considered at the same level as Ms. Creamer, and be mentioned in the same sentence, MW must win an LPGA event within one week of high school graduation.

And then Ms. Warner couldn’t resist kicking in the same questions with Julieta Granada:

Q. This is Michelle Wie's home course, do you wish at all that you had a chance to play against her here again?
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, of course, I want to compete against the best and she always has a great game. It would have been fun. But since she's not here, we can't really say much about it.

Kind of reminds me of what Forrest Gump’s Mom used to tell him, “… is as … does”

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Anonymous said...

Dave, have you ever been to a press conference? Obviously not. Being a member of the media and going to numerous press conferences, you would realize the media cooridnator only asks the first question (maybe 2 at most) and THEN the other media members present ask the questions. I think your sarcasm is directed at the wrong person, because it was not a member of the LPGA that asked those questions BUT a member of the media that was present at the event. Please make sure you get your facts straight before you have to put your foot in your mouth again....