Sunday, February 18, 2007

Young American Professional wins Golf Tournament

Bet you thought you might never see those headlines again. Who was it? Here’s a hint. This individual is just 20 years old with two prior professional victories.

Okay, it’s Paula Creamer, a girl with more charisma than all the J.B. Holmes and Charlie Hoffman’s put together. And the story lines are just starting to develop on the LPGA. Creamer was one of the big questions for the 2007 season: Could she/would she win? Yes and yes.

Storylines. That’s what generates interest in professional golf. That’s why the LPGA will be far most interesting in 2007. It’s proven already.

And Julieta, Lorena, Karrie, Morgan, and Sherri, thanks for stoking the fires of human interest so early in the season.

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