Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Grooves Not Groovy with the GGP

Have you noticed, since the USGA’s announcement that they are going to clamp down on grooves, the General Golfing Public (GGP) has been raising an uproar? Storming the proverbial golf castle if you will? Of course, you haven’t. The dominant conversation at the 19th Hole did not immediately change when the USGA said, “Damn, we’ve got to stop the pros from spinning the ball out of medium length rough.”

Tom and Bob at the local nine-holer in Garner, Iowa did not exclaim, “----, now I’ve got to get another new set of irons to replace my Andy North Northwesterns!”

Fact is the GGP doesn’t give a Ping Eye 2. And I have proof. As a golf professional working at a typical semi-private club, I have yet to have one golfer approach me and ask the dreaded question, “Hey, Pro, so how’s this new grooves thing going to affect my bottom line on clubs?” No one, absolutely no one has queried me about how this whole situation will play out. Even during a recent Demo Day no one was grabbing Adams’ new irons and demanding to measure the size and shape and angle of the grooves.

Want further validation, check out what Frank Thomas, former USGA Technical Director, has to say on the matter:

If the USGA is really the guardians of the game as they claim, they should concentrate on an issue that affects the people who really play the game and spend money on the game. Let those who suck the life out of the game fend for themselves.

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