Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Golfing Machine

We were able to observe just one shot from the “golfing machine” yesterday. Standing behind the green on the 18th hole, a slightly uphill par-5 with water along the entire left side, we noticed Annika and her four playing partners in the fairway about 230 yards from the green. Being the lady that she is and in deference to the scramble format they were playing, she allowed the four guys the first opportunity to hit the green in two. Is the outcome predictable? How rhetorical! How obvious! The guys go left into the lake, right into the practice range, left over the lake and into the desert and one other into parts unknown. Now the pressure’s really on Annika. There's no one anywhere near the green. She tosses up a few blades of grass, selects the club and rips, no, excuse me, smoothes a fairway wood straight at the flagstick that rolls right by and comes to rest on the back fringe about twenty feet from the hole. Ah, the “golfing machine.”

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