Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Masters Victory

Attempting to pick the winner of a golf tournament is similar to strapping on a pair of skis for the first time and heading down the XXX Olympic ski slope in Seefeld, Austria. It’s foolish and it’s dangerous. Although is has to be easier in the Masters because the field is smaller. So, what the heck, we’ll give it a go. This list is so scientific that it was rejected by all the leading golf publications. If you’ve got a lot of extra green, here’s our list of can’t miss bets:

Someone you can bet on with a good chance of making a little dough:
Tiger Woods – Why would you not put down a minimal wager?
Retief Goosen – If we could only get “Goose” to show a little more interest, we might increase the wager.

No chance:
Phil Mickelson - because he played too damn good last week.

Sentimental Favorites:
John Daly - It would be great to have burgers and beer for the 2007 Champions Dinner.
Tom Lehman – He’s been playing decent and he looks Ryder Cup captainish with that long putter.

The O.F. Emotional Favorite:
Ben Crenshaw – Hey, it could happen. History has a tendency to repeat itself.

The Real Winner:
Someone you would never dare to put $1000 on.

That’s all. We can’t pick everybody in the field.

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