Monday, December 04, 2006

A Challenge to TW Design

Just about a month ago, Nov. 7 to be exact, I penned a blog on, focusing on the announcement of TW Design and the fact that it will not help the growth of the game. I had two main concerns: one was that a great player does not equal a great designer; and, two these courses will not come cheap and be available to the masses. That blog upset the local villagers. They proceeded to tar and feather me and then burn my cabin to the ground. Well, we have scrubbed off the tar and rebuilt the shack. And now, what do you know? TW Design has made the announcement that they intend to build their first course in Dubai, a country that has more money than seven PAC's. Tiger will join fellow pros Els, Bjorn, Montgomerie and Baker-Finch with a golf course venture in Dubai. (It'll get a little crowded over there, but it won't be hard to find a tee time.)

Why did Tiger choose Dubai for his first course? Because he wanted the "challenge of transforming a desert terrain into a world-class golf course." If Tiger wants desert, he should call me. I'm surrounded by desert here in Arizona. I'm also surrounded by thousands of children – African-American, Native-American, Hispanic, and White – who can only dream of learning how to play the game we love. The game is just a little too expensive. Wait, make that a lot too expensive.

Here's my challenge and proposal to you, Mr. Woods. If you really want to leave a legacy to the game, never charge another dime for the design of a golf course and make sure that the land for each design has been donated. Further ensure that each new course will be built in an area where economically challenged children will have ready access. (You just never know from whence the next Tiger Woods will come.) Guarantee that no child will ever have to pay more than a few dollars to play a round of golf. (There will be no golf carts, of course and we will drop the word “rental” from rental clubs.)

So, Mr. Woods, when you are ready to begin to build on the heritage that you will leave to the game, call me. I have the perfect place to begin building your true legacy.

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