Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Golf and the struggling economy

Recession? Recession! What recession? Warren Buffet says the economy is not up to par to the Great Depression but rather akin to Pearl Harbor. Thank goodness. With any other news I would think the following monetary expenditures would be foolish.

There appears to be no downturn in the economic future of the sports world. At least life appears to be good in Boston. Within the past couple of weeks the Red Sox have handed out some whopping multi-million dollar contracts. The Bosox signed Kevin Youkilis a four-year deal worth $41.25 million and picked up John Smoltz in a one-year contract worth $5.5 million. Yes, things are good in Bean Town.

And the golf world doesn’t appear to be too lean either. Reporting in its January 17, 2009 edition Golfweek informs us that the globe trotting Adam Scott is expecting delivery of his brand new, never-been-flown Gulfstream G450 private jet sometime in the fall. The 28-year-old Australian lamented, “I’ve been on the waiting list for 2 ½ years.” But the price tag of $40 million is probably well worth it when you must travel around the world to play golf.

Buffet’s comments follow news over the weekend that the Obama team doesn’t think Americans will mind his investment of over $150 million for the inauguration.

Oh, and one final financial note from politics here in Arizona. State lawmakers are wrestling over the budget wondering just how they are going to make ends meet. One of the financial cutbacks they are considering is in education.

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Paul McCormack said...

28 year old with a corporate jet. Ain't golf great! Seriously, I LOVE the fact that golf rewards talent so well. AND, the golf industry gives fortune to charity. What a game!