Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lincicome produces the shot(s) of the year

I am not one for over reaction to the events of the moment. I try not to be inclined to hyperbole like as soon as a player wins a tournament declaring that he or she is the next super star. Or better yet, let’s say a player has never won an event and she is declared the Messiah of the LPGA Tour. There’s a little too much embellishment there for my taste.

That said, I think the final hole performance by Brittany Lincicome on the 72nd hole of the Kraft-Nabisco may well go into the annuals of golf history as the best golf shots of 2009. That’s right s-h-o-t-s - plural. It was not just the second shot from about 214 yards with a hybrid that produced victory. It was the perfect tee shot that set up the perfect second shot. These came in a very well designed and well executed pair.

Golf Channel analyst Charlie Rhymer was spitting all over himself in his analysis of the second shot divining upon it the unique name “The Shot!” (Really original, Charlie). But I think we need to expand our verbal indulgence for this great finish. It was not just one shot or even two shots that produced an eagle on the 72nd hole of a major championship. Rather it was the entire hole. It was a daring drive over a couple of palm trees at the corner of the dogleg left par five. (The actual length we’ll never know because CBS was somewhat short on information.) Then, faced with a second shot over water to a sloping green, Lincicome executed perfectly and watched the ball take the slope and stop about four feet from the hole. In order for her to have any chance of victory or a playoff, she needed a three or four at worse.

Yes, the second shot was great - probably matched only in recent major history by Karrie Webb’s wedge-out in the same event three years ago - it was the drive that set it up and the four-foot putt that sealed the deal.

Now the bar has been set for all major championships this year, men and women.

Will the Masters produce the same drama?

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