Monday, October 12, 2009

Presidents Cup final thoughts

U.S. defeats the Internationals (Rest of the World) by a margin wider than you would need to drop a nuclear bomb to destroy San Francisco. Why is it that the European team, when competing in the Ryder Cup, always gives the U.S. a better battle? Think about it, the whole match and atmosphere just seems so much more exciting and competitive.

Poor Dan Hicks! NBC needs to ship him off to MSNBC to be a foil for some of the liberals. He apparently didn't realize that the two teams involved in the competition were the U.S. and the Rest of the World (Internationals), not the Europeans. (Dan, that's the Ryder Cup as even the most casual fan could tell you.) He also referred to the Nobel Prize as the noble prize. (Dan it's not that hard to distinguish between the two words.) Hicks further displayed a height phobia. His constant reference to Tim Clark's height (the “little guy”) became annoying and insulting. Zach Johnson, his opponent in the singles, is perhaps an inch taller. It's surprising that Hicks didn't make some reference to Leprechaun golf. Hicks was just amazed at how a “little guy” could play golf so well. Duh, Dan. It's an easier game for short people because they're closer to the ball?!

Despite Mr. Hicks, NBC did a pretty good job. Commercial interruption wasn't too bad but it did increase proportionately as the day went on. It seemed that the more matches that were on the golf course, the more commercials we saw. Shouldn't that have been in reverse proportion? As usual the network covering the singles matches wasn't able to keep up with all the matches. We all realize how confusing golf can become when there are twelve important matches occurring simultaneously. Wow, think of the panic in the production truck. That is perhaps why they show more commercials as more matches are on the golf course. If you can't make a decision concerning which match to show next, then just go to commercial.

The singles matches had great drama and some really good golf. Let's face it, the singles competition is really the only socially redeeming factor of the these team matches. We never get to see these guys (or gals) go head to head in battle. It's good stuff.

So, with the conclusion of the Presidents Cup, we hope now that the golf season is over and we can get down to some serious figure skating viewing as NBC would like us to do. There are really no more reasons to have any further PGA Tour competition despite the fact that we were bombarded with the fact that the PGA Tour Fall Series is designed for us, the fan. Yeah, right!


Darryl Bush said...

I never saw a televised tee shot on the famed 15th hole where they had to choose the difficlult way to play the hole over the lake. Why was there no television viewing of this critical tee shot? It seems to me they just picked up the hole starting in the fairway everytime.

Dave said...

Darryl, I remember seeing only a handful of tee shots on #15. The big problem for the TV coverage is too much action too little time. Got to have those commercials and programming promos, you know.