Thursday, November 19, 2009

Idiot golf scribe of the week

There is one dynamic about Tiger Woods that cannot be denied. Whatever he does, be it on or off the golf course, is closely followed and scrutinized and people quickly form opinions. By now most golf fans have heard of the Tiger temper incident in Australia last week in which a Nike driver found its way into the gallery. Opinions have been formed.

We here at Eye On Golf have ours. Quite simply an incident like this is bad-bad-bad for golf for a number of reasons. It's a bad image for the sport especially since Tiger is the face of golf. There is a high possibility of danger involved for gallery members. It make for a terrible role model. Young golfers mimic Tiger. Do you want young golfers behaving as such on your golf course? Bottom line is there is no excuse for such actions.

Now, as we said, everyone has an opinion on this incident. Golf writers have ponied up their thoughts on this in pretty good numbers. But, we believe we have found the worst and, unfortunately, he works for a national publication, GolfWeek. Check it out right here complete with video and comments. Bear in mind, we think Mr. Soderstrom has an excuse or two just like he makes for Tiger. He is young, impressionable and has no concept of proper demeanor and etiquette on the golf course.

Therefore he has been awarded this ignominious distinction. Hopefully in the future he will think before he writes.

Editors note: This will not be an award that is handed out with any regularity - hopefully - rather, it will be held in reserve for those special moments of journalistic ineptitude.

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Mark J. Choiniere said...

Touche. It is amazing some of the drivel coming out of these so called journaklists.

Separately, I think it would have been great if similar to the old video of the kid getting out of the pond and Tommy Bolt expecting to get his club back, if the person who caught it ran like hell with a once in a lifetime souvenir!