Saturday, April 10, 2010

Updating the Masters picks with gloating and apology

Well, we're halfway through the 2010 edition of the Masters, so it's a perfect time to check our prognostications.

However, if you took advantage of your i Phone Ap (We're sure there is one.) and contacted your “agent” to place a wager, we do need to offer one big apology. That would be the “No Chance in Heck” selection of K.J. and Matt. Choi is tied for third at 6 under just two strokes of the lead and Kuchar is at 1 under. However, if you had the inclination to totally ignore this misguided augury, congratulations and good luck over the weekend.

For the rest of our selections we need no apology. Even the duofectas still have a chance although it is a slim one thanks to Michael Campbell not breaking 80 and Chris Wood making a “snowman” and two 6's during round one.
So now you would most naturally ask the great Eye On Golf soothsayer, “What about the weekend?”

After much rubbing of the crystal golf ball(s), we see it this way. There are but seven who really have a chance – Poulter, Westwood, Mickelson, Kim, Woods, Choi and Yang. Each one has his own particular strengths and weaknesses. And from this point, you're guess is as good as anyone's. You're on your own.

But, wait! We cannot leave you hanging. Go for the sentimental pick.

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