Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A few notes from the Ryder Cup

Here are a few immediate thoughts from the Ryder Cup with more to come later.

With the two weather delays and the change in format it was difficult to determine who was doing what to whom especially during session three with two foursome matches and four four-ball matches. Then to complicate the matter a couple of groups played through slower groups. And I fear NBC didn’t have a total grasp of the situation either.

Speaking of NBC, they truly lived up to their moniker – Nothing But Commercials. Using Arizona time as a reference (the same as Pacific Time now), from 6:00 AM to 7:00AM Sunday morning, NBC put in eleven commercial breaks. That’s eleven as in 1 -1. It really got old hearing the announcers say, “While we were away…”

The time difference, at least from the location of our easy chair, made the event less than enjoyable. Now I realize that there’s nothing that can be done about that, but it still had an effect on our enjoyment.

Best Answer to a Question: Graeme McDowell when asked to compare the pressure of contending in a U.S. Open versus playing in the Ryder Cup. In summary he said in the U.S. Open you’re all alone out there but in the Ryder Cup you’ve got your teammates and thousands of fans routing for you.

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