Monday, March 21, 2011

Why the LPGA is so great

We always try to impress upon our readers the fact that watching the LPGA is much more beneficial especially from a fan standpoint, i.e., the fans are much more appreciated. So here's a most applicable example from Sunday's play.

On the tee of the 14th hole, a 168-yard par 3, Morgan Pressel and her fellow competitor Kyeong Bae had about a ten minute wait. Pressel's caddy was hungry and asked if they was anything in the bag to eat. Pressel looked but could only discover a small health bar of some kind Hardly enough to sustain her man on her bag.

Right then three young girls ages 11, 11 and 6, came to the edge of the ropes and caught Pressel's eye. She immediately struck up a conversation with the girls asking if they had anything to eat for her caddy. The answer, of course, was shyly spoken, “No.”

Realizing they were a bit shy Pressel continued, “Are you all golfers.”?

With a couple of positive head shakes and a softly spoken, “Yes,” Pressel got the message.

The girls' Mom then appeared. “Tell her your name.”

“Morgan,” was the gentle and fateful reply. Pressel smiled and and asked the names of the other girls.

“Lauren,” was the reply from one.

“That's one of my best friend's names,” returned Pressel.

“I know. It's on your sleeve,” observed Miss Lauren quickly noticing the Ralph Lauren name.

“Very observant,” smiled Pressel.

Pressel then dug through the bag and found three gloves. Meticulously she placed each glove on her hand and wrote. The young ladies, we expect, had no idea what was to transpire.

It was Pressel's time to play. She switched to her game face and rifled an iron to fifteen feet. Bae hit her shot onto the green at which point Pressel handed each girl a glove personally autographed. To the young lady named Morgan she wrote, “Morgan, nice name.”

Walking down the fifteenth fairway all three girls were wearing their gloves.

There are many special moments in the life of a golf tournament that most often are not reported. This one marks why the LPGA is so great.


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