Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Book Review: Golfing on the Roof of the World

Excuse me if all this sound familiar. Golf books come in all shapes and sizes, forms and fashions, literally and figuratively. There seems to be an unlimited number of topics and angles. The subject matter may get stretched at times, but that is one of the more endearing aspects of golf journalism. The genre has an endless range. Yes, this intro has the same ring as the one I used in my last book review. But, it is appropriate for Rick Lipsey’s Golfing on the Roof of the World. Lipsey is a staff golf writer at Sports Illustrated. He has a previous golf volume entitled In Every Kid There lurks a Tiger. In this current effort Lipsey takes us to the country of Bhutan, a neighbor of Tibet high in the Himalayas.

Golfing on the Roof… does not focus on the golf in Bhutan. You see, there is just one golf course in Bhutan, a nine-holer called Royal Thimphu. Rather, Lipsey uses golf as a backdrop to confide to us his love for the country and share his adventures within the culture. It gives us a picturesque description of the country and an introduction to the life and culture of Bhutan. Golf was merely the catalyst that got Lipsey to the country. Vacationing in Bhutan in 2000 Lipsey played Royal Thimphu and was subsequently asked to do a stint as the golf professional. Lipsey is not a golf professional by trade but nevertheless agreed. His enthusiasm for the task at hand became infectious in the country and has, hopefully, developed an awakening for the game

In my last review, Don’t Ask What I Shot, I discovered a book that shows the influence that golf has had on a nation. With Golfing on the Roof…you can discover the potential that golf has to impact the development of a country. Don’t expect a true golf book here, but do anticipate a fun read as Lipsey chronicles his time in Bhutan.

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