Thursday, August 30, 2007

Els Skips Second Event of FedEx(Lax) Cup

If the FedEx(Lax) Cup had any shred of credibility remaining, it is danger of loosing those last few threads. Ernie Els has now bailed on the second event of the Playoffs. (I capitalized that word so Finchem would think it was important.) Ernie said something like, “I’m skipping the second FedEx(Lax) Cup thingy.”

First it was Tiger who ditched FedEx(Lax) Cup 1 because he said he was a little tired from kicking everyone’s ass for two weeks. Now it’s Ernie who is apparently heading home to the U.K. (I though he was from S.A.?!) to help his kids buy pens, pencils and paper and get ready for school. Quite admirable for Ernie.

I would been interesting to hear Finchem’s reaction when he got the news.

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