Monday, September 17, 2007

Book Review: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Golf

As a golf instructor I am constantly on the lookout for teaching tips, methods, ideas and information that will improve my knowledge and skill as an instructor. Mostly I focus on books rather than quick articles that you find in magazines or websites. Books, because they have the advantage of time and space, usually get to the details. Whereas the quick articles are often putting a band-aid on a golfer’s problem rather than providing a lasting cure. There is, of course, no shortage of golf instruction books. They are, without a doubt, the most popular area of golf journalism. For the most part they all approach the learning of the game of golf in much the same way – here’s what to do from the grip through the swing with maybe a picture or two. There are a few classics and the remainder are also-rans in the race for instructional redundancy.

Thankfully, there is on occasion an instruction book published that, because of its unique presentation, is worthy of recognition. Wiley Press’ series of Teach Yourself VISUALLY books finally found the golf instructional world. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Golf is an optical treat and verbal achievement for both the golf teacher and the beginning student. The most striking aspect of the book is the pictures. Very nearly every page has colored pictures to visually explain the instruction found in the text.

The contents of the book are totally comprehensive for the beginning golfer. The three authors, Cheryl Anderson (LPGA Pro), Brian Crowell (PGA Pro), and Tom Mackin (Journalist), have obviously thought through the material the every beginning golfer should know. The eleven well-organized chapters teach not only the playing of the game, but also such also such valuable topics as etiquette, terminology, history, and equipment.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Golf is a most welcome addition to the world of golf instructional literature both for the instructor and the student. It is not a book to just read, but rather a volume to be studied by teachers and students. Teachers who frequently instruct beginners will find this book presents a comprehensive and well-organized list of all aspects of the game that a novice golfer should know. Students should have this book on their shelves for continual reference. If you are just learning the game, take lessons from a reputable teacher and buy this book now.

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