Sunday, September 09, 2007

Stupid Press Conference Questions

I had to share this with all golf fans, just in case you were wondering about the penetrating, soul-searching questions that dedicated golf writers ask during those press conferences following a player's round. This one is from the BMW Championship (formerly Western) third playoff tournament for the FedEx(Lax) Cup. All that excitement led to the following exchange between Tiger and a golf writer who obviously has been tasked to cover the FedEx(Lax) Cup. (My thanks to Geoff Shackelford for the heads up on this.):

Q. Did you go home from Boston or did you come straight here?

TIGER WOODS: I came straight here.

Q. Did you wear that shirt last week?


I just don't understand why this reporter didn't ask the obvious question at this point: Did you wash it?

Q. When is the last time you wore a shirt twice?

TIGER WOODS: I wear it all the time, actually. I'm not that way.

Q. I know it sounds really gay, but I recognized it (laughter). It looks good.

TIGER WOODS: Thanks. I love it.

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