Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bivens Has an Unplayable Lie

Well, you’ve got to give some credit to Ms. Bivens. Just when nobody – fans & press – is paying any attention to the LPGA, she has the knack of drawing attention to herself, not necessarily the LPGA, and then sucking the air out of the room. She has a rather remarkable history of this behavior since the beginning of her reign. The latest is the Learn English or Play on Some Other Tour Fiasco of the passed couple of weeks.

Now we all know that this entire hubbub is sponsor (or lack of) driven. Sponsors are b….ing because their pro-am guests and participants have problems communicating with many of the LPGA ladies. So why would Mr. & Mrs. Sponsor want to shell out a large part of their advertising budget? That’s a valid question and I think that they deserve to get something out of the time and money they invest in a tournament.

But Ms. Bivens has a greater problem with sponsors. From whence shall they come? All reports indicate that sponsors are dropping faster than your new Pro V1 in a water hazard. As an example Safeway has pulled its sponsorship for the event held in Phoenix every year and now the group that runs the tournament is scrambling to find a new sponsor. (That search is the source of another entry.) Unfortunately, it’s not just here in Phoenix that sponsors are tough to find. It’s true at almost all LPGA stops.

Bivens is now between a rock and a hard place, a virtual unplayable lie, if you will. It will be most interesting to observe how she plays the next shot.

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