Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sell Rosetta Stone

Dear Golfing Friends, you remember just ten days ago we here at Eye On Golf attempted to pass on some sound investment advice? (Of course, you do. All well-read golf enthusiasts check in with Eye On Golf for the hottest investments.) Well, now it’s time for more. Sell Rosetta Stone! If you invested a fortune, well, sorry about that. You recall that our original advice was based on the LPGA decision to have all players learn English – or else. Well, just yesterday LPGA Commish Bivens announced that the LPGA is scrapping the “or else” provision.

Why? Too much flack. The interesting point is that a good percentage of the heat came from English speaking journalists. I have a hunch that the foreign journalists had no clue what was happening. And, of course, even a couple of politicians decided to make a name for themselves on this hot button issue. Democratic politicians from California, Sen. Leland Yee from San Francisco and Rep. Mary Hayashi from Hayward, had been investigating the possibility of legislation that could have restricted the tour’s activities in California, where the LPGA plays three events this year. So Bivens acquiesced and did the Democratic flip-flop. Now we’re going to revisit the situation and provide a solution by the end of the year.

The bottom line for all of us – sell Rosetta Stone.

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