Friday, June 12, 2009

LPGA's second major in full swing

Did you know that there is a major golf championship now underway? Unless you watch the Golf Channel religiously (translation: have a deep seated addiction to infomercials) or subscribe to one of golf's weekly tabloids, or constantly peruse the golf websites on the Internet, you probably might not know that the LPGA's second major of the year started yesterday. Officially it's know as the McDonald's LPGA Championship Presented by Coca-Cola. Unofficially you may know it as the LPGA Championship. Apparently much of the sports media doesn't know it at all. Just try to find some info in your local newspaper or your favorite Internet sports site.

Now don't develop feelings of low self esteem if you as an ardent golf fan were unaware of the major implications of this week's LPGA event. You should feel good that you were aware that there was a tournament being conducted. The fact that it is the LPGA's second major of the year should have no consequence on your dedication to the LPGA. Feel good about yourself and the fact that there will be some exciting golf on television this weekend. Which reminds me, here's the television schedule for the LPGA Championship:

Jun 12 – GC 12:30 – 3:30 PM ET
Jun 13 – GC 4:00 – 7:00 PM ET
Jun 14 – GC 4:00 – 7:00 PM ET

Now it's time to tee it up and forecast the winner. Predictions are difficult in golf, actually damn near impossible. Well, perhaps in men's golf there's two way to bet: you wager on Tiger or you bet on the rest of the field. But the LPGA presents a different dilema. With A.S. Gone and the possible exception of Lorena who has not been totally on her game lately, it is anyone's guess - er, wager. So here's a couple of thoughts to help you predict your winner. There are nine ladies in the field with the last name of Kim so you can place that bet. Then there is the guy's favorites: Natalie Gulbis or Paula Creamer. Of the two I'll take Creamer for her first major. It's time, Paula. And a Creamer victory would do wonders for the LPGA, even more so than a Wie victory.

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