Thursday, June 18, 2009

U .S. Open pairings are fun stuff

If you're a golf fan and unless you have been practicing your ostrich impersonation you surely know that the U.S. Open begins today. And with this event comes golf writers from parts unknown. They're sort of like WWE guys you see once or twice a year. With this over abundance of scribes naturally comes insight and evaluation beyond any other golf tournament with the possible exception of the Masters. The most absurd and yet always entertaining are the pairings reviews. This is where some essayist who must fill a certain amount of column inches digs through the pairings for Thursday and Friday trying his or her best to provide analytical insight. Some of it's fun, some of it's like a shank with a wedge from 50 yards.

Here's a couple that the staff at Eye On Golf has discovered.

Of course, The Golf Channel has prepared a couple of tasty delights for us. Try this short piece

or this short video with Charlie Rymer.

Go to to get Dave Seanor's take on the excitement for rounds 1 & 2.

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