Monday, August 17, 2009

91st PGA Championship – the day the music died

Golf as we know it in the United States will never be the same. No longer will Nike be able to sell $125 Drivers for $425. No longer will two small boys at a golf camp somewhere in South Dakota have a putting contest with the winner laying claim to the fact that he beat Tiger Woods. No longer will the major championship sun rise in the East and set in the West. No longer will major champions come from the eastern side of the International Dateline.

Yes, there is no doubt the axis of the golfing world was turned a complete ninety degrees at approximately 7:00 PM EDT. That's when the motion of the golf world was totally reversed – like when superman reversed the rotation of the earth. But this time superman is a 37-year old Korean father of three with the courage of a lion. You may find him at the next PGA Tour stop in your city working under the assumed name of Y.E. Yang.

Don't be deceived. Do not put your game up against his. For this is the only man to face down the Tiger in a major championship battle. And he did it by slight of hand, by beating the Tiger at his own game. When the Tiger hit a good shot, the Lion hit a better one. When the Tiger got a good break, the Lion insisted to the golf gods that he get a better one. And on the final gaming field, the 72nd hole, just when you thought the Tiger would make one last stand, the Lion struck with a 3-hybrid around trees over a green-side bunker and stopping just eight feet from the hole. The last blow had been struck. David had slung the stone straight into Goliath's forehead and he had tumbled to the earth. Golf from this moment on will never be the same.
Photo: Getty Images

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