Sunday, August 16, 2009

PGA Championship 3rd Round Thoughts

All is still well in the golf world. Tiger still has the lead at the PGA Championship, all this despite a mediocre score on Saturday. Woods played for the fat of every green and had about 30-40 feet for birdie on every hole. Only twice did he stuff it inside ten feet. He made one of the two. All this added up to a very unexciting one-under 71. Meanwhile all around him, other were shooting at the flags and making birdies. Y.E. Yang made six, Harrington four, Stenson five. Well, you get the picture and it becomes 3-D when you know Tiger made just one birdie. But, I suspect that won't happen today.

What will happen? I expect a quiet day, not a lot of low numbers. Tiger will probably be able to win the title with a 70 or 71. But, anyone within four shots of Tiger has chance. Why four shots? Simple, because only one player outscored Tiger by four yesterday, even as conservative as he played. Unfortunately only four players are within four shots – Yang, Harrington, Stenson, Glover. I still look for Glover to be the biggest threat.

Which is kind of a good transition into the television coverage. With only five players with a realistic chance of winning, be prepared to see coverage of only four or five players. You might get a glimpse of native Minnesotan Tom Lehman or long-hitting Spaniard Alvaro Quiros, but that will be about the extent. If you have Direct TV search out some of its alternative coverage beginning at Channel 701. You'll at least be able to watch play on the par-3's. Plus they also have some fun statistics such as every players heart rate, average number of minutes taken to decide which club to hit, average number of minutes taken to line up a putt, and number of times they wave to the crowd after making birdie par or bogey.

Nevertheless, it will all be great fun watching “Glory's Last Shot.”

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