Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A call for LPGA golf in Phoenix

Who will step up for the LPGA in Phoenix? That's the next big question for women's golf in Phoenix. Who will take the giant step forward and invite the LPGA back for another year in 2010. The LPGA is shopping for venues for 2010 tournaments. Deposed commissioner Bivens royally ticked off sponsors at a pace quicker than Doug Sanders' swing. But now, newly appointed, acting LPGA Tour commissioner Marsha Evans will listen to almost anyone who is willing to make a $1.5 million initial investment.

The LPGA and Phoenix have a thirty-year relationship. This yearly dating process should not be allowed to be interupted. The courtship and the romance must continue. The 2009 edition was saved at the last minute (about six weeks before the event was scheduled to take place) by J Golf and Mirassou Winery. Now the LPGA is shopping for new friends in Phoenix. Who will be the LPGA's new BFF in the desert?

The LPGA is trying hard to get back on track but it needs new allies. The picture here shows what great influence the LPGA has in Phoenix.

Step up moguls of Phoenix.

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