Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A llama for Obama

With no disrespect to our President and the fact that Llama and Obama have a certain catchy rhyming quality and the fact that our President has been bitten by the golf bug (thus the need for an immediate and irrevocable rejuvenation of our health insurance system) and that in the interest of relating with the common man (read: golfer) he should tread on common golf courses, the following golf facility would seem to meet all of the above qualifications.

It seems that, no make that a definite fact, one particular golf course in Illinois has implemented the use of llamas as caddies for its patrons. Now there are undoubtedly 360 degrees we could take this conversation, but let's head down (not a golf tip) the simple road.

Since this course is within the boundaries of President Obama's home state, the nation's Number One golfer should, without hesitation, head to the beautiful links of Sherwood Forest for a game with a llama as his caddy. This action would, without further doubt, begin to solve a couple of the President's more thorny problems.

First, Obama's visit to Sherwood Forest would provide an immediate boost to the economic arena of the area. The President and anyone else who makes up his foursome would be required to pay the $20 or so green fee. There should be no comps here. This area of the country needs economic resuscitation as much the area inside the beltway. One visit by the Prez for a round of golf would quickly inject the area with economic adrenalin.

Second, the physical health of our nation, and especially its Chief Executive, would take a positive step forward. President Obama and those playing with him would be walking and playing golf. No golf carts here. Get out, walk the links, and let the llama caddy for Obama. Heaven forbid we should get a little exercise while playing golf. This walking while playing would set an example for the entire nation. To see our nation's Head Golfer strolling down the fairway would be an inspiration to all Americans. And who knows where it could lead. Healthier Americans means less in health care costs.

Yes, this entire thought of a llama for Obama could have nothing but positive implications.

Mr. President, go for it!

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