Saturday, September 26, 2009

The two best jobs in the USA

We all know without being constantly reminded that our economy has certain difficulties. Whether this financial slump is contrived, manufactured or real, we have been enlightened of that situation for about a year now by every politician and media outlet. Of course, unemployment is one of the foremost talking points and concerns – it's a talking point for politicians and the media and a concern for all of those who are unemployed.

With that in mind there are two individuals who are employed and who would seem to have two of the best jobs in the United States and perhaps the world. While total job security may not be one of the perks of each position, these situations must be viewed as extremely lucrative at the present moment.
The first position is that of the caddy of one Mr. Tiger Woods. Steve Williams has held this position for about a decade now and we can only assume that he is doing adequately in the financial arena. Not only that, his future employment with Mr. Woods seems pretty secure. However, he is in the world of professional golfers who feel that in order to be successful they need an entourage of various expert handlers. I guess this situation is a bit like politics – one bit of really bad advice and there could be a guillotine-like effect.

The second most envied appointment at the current time is speechwriter to President Barack Obama. Jon Favreau currently holds the honor of being Director of Speechwriting for the President. Now this position has a positive and a negative side. On the positive side, considering the large quantity of speeches made by the President, there are lots of words to write. Financially, one could only anticipate that Mr. Favreau has negotiated a contract whereby he is paid by the hour and/or speech. Let's hope a straight salary is not involved. He would obviously be getting the short end of the pen. On the negative side being a speechwriter for the current administration is a lot like being a tournament golfer, one bad speech – or hole in a tournament if you will – can spell disaster.

So, despite the negative aspects of these two occupations, they are most assuredly the best jobs in the good ol' US of A.

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